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Tragedy in Our Community: How Well Do You Know Your Daughter’s Friends?

This week 16 year old Anastasia Greer was gunned down in a murder suicide. Her rumored astringed boyfriend, 15-year-old Matthew Bolton, murdered her then turned the gun on himself. According to Phoenix Police, Ana Greer went to school administrators to report that Matthew had threatened another girl on campus, Matthew’s former girl friend, saying he … Continue reading

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For many of us, this is the one time during the year that gratitude and the giving of thanks comes into focus. What is Thankfulness – Gratitude? As defined in Psychology Today – Positive psychology and what makes life worth living by Christopher Peterson (Published on May 16, 2008): Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation … Continue reading

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How We Speak to Our Children Matters: Build Up – Not Tear Down

Building family memories are so important. Lasting moments that are polarized in our little one’s minds that help build them into the adults they will become. Important stuff. Knowing that doesn’t always mean getting it right.  :( I am guilty of blowing it I will admit. Many times I lost my cool at the wrong … Continue reading

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Paper Hope Teen Tip: Teen Break Ups Hurt Our Daughters

Moms! Here is a Paper Hope Teen Tip designed to help you gain a better understanding of your daughter’s world, build trust and show support. Tip: Teen break ups hurt our daughters in profound ways. Breaking up is hard to do, right? It hurts and leaves many teens feeling empty and powerless. Parents often don’t … Continue reading