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Healthcare and Your Teen

Teen-Health300Would your daughter know how to make and keep a doctor’s appointment?

Would she know what over the counter medications to take to treat her fever? Does she know when a fever is too high and its time to seek the attention of a doctor?

Does she know what basic health insurance terms mean, such as front-end deductible, premium, policyholder and copay?

Would she know what to do if the doctor she was seeing didn’t help her in the ways that she needed to be helped?

So many questions our teens have as they learn to navigate their healthcare. Have you talked with your daughter about her healthcare?

These questions came up in our house recently because my teenaged daughter was taken to the hospital in the middle of the night for stomach pain. At the time she was living with her father – he and I have been divorced her entire life. Neither my daughter nor my daughter’s father understood how her insurance worked. I am the policyholder, but neither of the phoned me until she had all ready been seen.

The long of it, my daughter, who is technically an adult, is now responsible for a very high hospital bill. My policy has a very high front-end deductible. Her portion of the deductible was not met at the time she was seen at the hospital so the entire visit is not covered. She is technically responsible for paying the entire cost of the emergency room visit out of her pocket.

Would your daughter know how to navigate this situation?

My guess is not very likely. Seems that even most adults can’t navigate their own healthcare and health insurance rules and policies. Why then would we expect our teenaged daughters to know how?

If you haven’t all ready, please take the time to share what you know about healthcare with your daughter. Make it age appropriate. Start talking about healthcare when your daughter is very young. Explain why she is going to her ‘Wellchild’ check ups. Help her understand why it’s important for her to be seen by the doctor as she grows.

Explain how your health insurance works. Use terms like copay, front-end deductible and premium. If you are not clear on what these terms mean specifically with your own insurance, contact your provider and have them walk you through your coverage.

A great online recourse by KidsHealth.org – Health Insurance Basics (http://bit.ly/18yd1lp) that can help get the conversation going.

These conversations with our daughters with help to provide them with the information they need to transition into taking care of themselves one day; and to do this without financial devastation.


Paper Hope Street Team – radio broadcast airing Monday September 9th Noon PST:

Healthcare and Your Teen – http://bit.ly/17FHDX3


September 16, 2013 Noon PST

www.voiceamericakids.com and www.kidstar.org

Hosted by Rio and Yvonne of the Paper Hope Street Team

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Would your teen know how to make a doctor’s appointment? What would your teen do if she wasn’t comfortable with her doctor? How long is too long to be sick before you see a doctor? So many questions teens have about navigating their healthcare. Today Paper Hope Street Team will start the discussion on teens and healthcare. We hope that you will listen with your teen and start the discussion in your home. Healthcare is filled with personal decisions and our teens need guidance and information. Thank you for being a part of this important discussion!


Health Insurance Basicshttp://bit.ly/18yd1lp

Health Insurance – Cracking the Code - http://bit.ly/1aeGQhO

Managing Your Healthcarehttp://bit.ly/18mkBRk

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