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Goal Setting: Specific Questions for Moms to ask Daughters

Mom and Daughter

The new year brings so much promise. It’s a starting and stopping point that has always given my winter sluggishness a much needed kick in the pants.

As a mom, I like to take this opportunity to ask my daughters about their goals and dreams. It is also a way for me to have a mother-daughter conversation about important topics and feelings.

As you start, ask open-ended questions. Your daughter may not be self-promoting and thus not able to speak of things that she is proud of or that she is dreaming about. Be ready with three to five things that you have witnessed her accomplish over the year so that you may insert them should she come up short.  As you discuss the things that she is most proud of from the year that has just passed make sure that you share the things that you have observed if they don’t match her list.

I have mixed this list with both closed ended and open-ended questions so that you and your daughter won’t feel like she is being interrogated. The goal is to start a conversation not perform and interview. The hope is that these questions will spark a conversation that will take on its own life, so be free to deviate from these few questions and add your own.

Suggested Questions for Mom to Ask:

What was your happiest memory from this year?

What accomplishment are you most proud of in this past year?

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? If so, what are they?

What do you want to accomplish this next year? Can I help you with any of your goal setting?

If you daughter is up to it, ask her to write down her answers in her journal. If she doesn’t currently have a journal, consider gifting her one with a beautiful pen or pencil. Encourage her to write her thoughts in the book during this moment and continue through out the year.

Enjoy your time together. Get to know your daughter’s heart. I am always amazed when we sit down to engage in answering goal-oriented questions with my daughters. My daughters’ dreams are beautiful and important. Knowing their dreams and goals I am able to strategically assist in ways that they may never see or know.

My eight year old has all ready started her list of things she wants to do in 2014 (photo below):

2013-12-26 21.28.46

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